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Philips Residence

This home features rammed earth walls, cotton batt insulation, radiant heating and other green features.

Pittsboro, NC
Pittsboro, NC 27513
Chatham County

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One and one half story residence

  • Owner: Gary Philips
  • Occupant: Gary Philips
  • Use/Occupancy: Residential
  • Construction: New
  • Completed: 2003
  • Size: Under 5K sq. ft.
    1 to 10 acres

Site Conditions: Stream or other running water, Previously developed land, Limited site disturbance, Limited building size

South Face of Phillips Residence
South Face of Phillips Residence
(Photo: Terry Green)

Project Image Gallery
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South Face of Phillips Residence
East Face of Phillips Residence (note that future deck is not shown in this photo)
12v illuminated Nicho (niche)

Green building techniques, strategies, and technologies
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Quality management
  Technology Description Docs
  1   Post commissioning monitoring Electricty, LP and firewood monitored  
  Technology Description Docs
  1   East & west shading Existing trees on east and west sides were left unharmed for shading. Additional supporting documentation available
  2   South facing orientation Glazing is equal to 25% of the floor area on southern exposure; however, glazing equal to approximately 15% of the floor area on the southern exposure is not shaded by coniferous trees. Additional supporting documentation available
  Technology Description Docs
  1   Native plants Native grasses were used  
  Technology Description Docs
  1   High performance glazing Norco double pane argon filled, low E, aluminum clad windows  
  2   On-demand water heating Rinnai LP on-demand  
  3   Passive solar heating strategies Rammed earth walls (9’ high, 2’ thick) and 4” concrete slab-on-grade that is insulated with 1” of polystyrene foam are used for thermal mass. Additional supporting documentation available
  4   Passive cooling strategies Rammed earth walls, shading and no A/C Additional supporting documentation available
  5   Daylighting Properly placed windows provide natural light from multiple angles  
  Technology Description Docs
  1   Recycling of construction/demolition waste Used concrete forms for studs and other forms, 1x6 T&G for crafts  
  2   Salvaged fixtures used Light fixture in living room, cast iron tub, range, refrigerator, washer/dryer  
  3   Recycled materials used in wall Cotton Batt insulation made from recycled denim production was used in the exterior wall insulation.  
  4   Recycled materials used in doors/windows Recycled front door, courtyard gate  
  5   Local material use Local earth (Moore County soil), cedar posts, lookout braces and trim Additional supporting documentation available
  6   On-site manufacturing Rammed earth mixed and rammed on site. Additional supporting documentation available
  7   Environmental life-cycle analysis PVC containing materials were minimized to avoid toxicity issues in production, potential fire and disposal. PVC was used only in electrical conduit in the rammed earth walls and waste lines.  
  8   Non-toxic outdoor wood treatment Cedar posts, cedar shingles, other wood left un-coated.  
  9   Optimum-value engineering LVL used for main structural beam  
Indoor environment
  Technology Description Docs
  1   Construction IAQ strategies Rammed earth walls, earthen plasters, organic sealers  
  2   Natural ventilation strategies Operable windows combined with Tamarac whole house fan provide efficeint ventilation.  
  3   Daylighting Southern orientation combined with large efficient windows provide an abundance of light from many angles.  
  4   Innovative low noise system Rammed earth walls in testing provide a 60 db reduction in sound transmittance per 12” of wall thickness.  
  5   Low-emitting materials - other Rammed earth walls, earthen plasters, cotton batt insulation, concrete floor, low VOC paints, minimal use of paints and coatings  
  6   Low maintenance materials Rammed earth walls, concrete floor, earthen plasters, tile counters, tile shower, concrete courtyard wall caps  
Other Innovations
  Description Docs
1 Rammed earth walls; Cotton batt insulation; Rammed earth courtyard; Illuminated niches in rammed earth walls; Strata lines in rammed earth walls; Radiant barrier; House will be submitted for Energy Star certification; Modest size home of 1050 sf  
   Contact Information
Specialty Contact Information
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General Project Contact
     Daxx Terry Green

Phone: 910.691.1390

Relationship to the project:  Sub Contractor
Project Team
  Involvement Stage Name/Address Phone
1 Owner/developer Design/Construction Gary Philips
Pittsboro, NC   27513
2 Architect Design/Construction Giles Blunden
203 West Weaver St.
Carrboro, NC   27510
3 Engineer - structural Design/Construction Excel Engineering - Rob Munach PE
NC   27312
4 Contractor - electrical Design/Construction Green Line Electrical - Darek Orocz
Carrboro, NC   27510
5 Contractor - plumbing Design/Construction Clear Water Plumbing - Frank Partin
Pittsboro, NC   27312
6 HVAC consultant Design/Construction Solar Consultants - Tom Wills
Chapel Hill, NC
7 Sub - Rammed Earth, Design Design/Construction Daxx Terry Green
413 B Church Street
Wilmington, NC   28401
8 Sub - Design, Framing, Windows, Roofing Design/Construction Red Dirt Natural Builders - Mike Calhoun
Pittsboro, NC   27312

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